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  • Governors
    In the states where abortion is legal and under threat, all that is preventing state legislatures from ending abortion rights can be the veto of a pro-abortion governor. That could change in this election in: Arizona Iowa Michigan Pennsylvania In states where bans on abortion exist, a pro-abortion governor could grant clemencies to those convicted of criminal abortion violations. That can happen in: Arizona Ohio Wisconsin
  • State Lawmakers
    Governors are only one part of the defense when it comes to new abortion bans. Who controls the state legislatures is just as fundamental. Some state lawmakers can amass the votes to override a veto. The states where legislative bodies could gain supermajority control are: North Carolina Nevada Michigan Pennsylvania
  • Attorneys General
    How abortion bans are enforced and whether people face criminal charges for having or facilitating an abortion can be up to the state’s attorney general. In some states, the attorney general can override the decisions of local prosecutors and direct whether criminal charges are brought on their own. Attorneys general who have pledged to not enforce bans are running for election in: Arizona Georgia Michigan Ohio Texas
  • State Supreme Courts / Judges
    State supreme courts are central to defending abortion rights. They determine if their state has a constitutional right to abortion or if bans can go into effect. The election of state supreme court judges this year can flip the courts in: Michigan North Carolina Ohio
  • Sheriffs
    The terror and threat of arrest from abortion bans is administered by local sheriffs and police chiefs. Whether resources are allocated to investigate abortions and enforce bans is at their direction. Sheriffs who have stated they would not enforce bans are up for election in: Tallahassee, Florida Lexington & Louisville, Kentucky Madison & Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Prosecutors
    Prosecutors have discretion on whether they will charge cases stemming from abortion bans. They are the most local line of defense, and candidates have become outspoken on whether they will enforce the bans or decline those cases. Prosecutors who have pledged not to charge abortion cases are up for election in: Maricopa County, Arizona Pasco & Pinellas counties, Florida Bexar, Dallas, & Tarrant counties, Texas
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